Photography @ Arnaud Roelofsz


On January 28th Professor Yoram Dinstein delivered a Lecture on ‘The Impact of the Holocaust on the Development of International Law’. This lecture focused on some radical changes that international law has gone through as a result of the Holocaust. Emphasis were put on five different fields of international law: crimes against humanity, genocide, human rights law, international humanitarian law and refugees law. The lecture was held at the Peace Palace’s Academy Building in The Hague.

Before the lecture there was a Wreath-laying Ceremony at the Hague memorial monument 1940-1945, located opposite the main gates of the Peace Palace.

This lecture was for an invited audience including students of The Hague’s ‘World Class’ program. With the cooperation of the Municipality of The Hague, this lecture was part of the World Class The Hague program, an initiative of the Municipality to strengthen the links between the city of “Peace and Justice” and its students. The Hague University, Inholland University, Leiden University Campus The Hague and the International Institute of Social Studies select third or fourth year students to participate in the program, which offers students admission to special masterclasses and events in the field of international relations, peace and justice.